Las Vegas String Quartet, Cosmopolitan Style

The girls of Phat Strad played in a ‘room with a view’ for a show at the Cosmopolitan in June! The girls – playing as an electric string trio – moved from room to room in Scarpetta, one of the Cosmopolitan’s high fashion restaurants, serenading guests at a private party. With a fantastic view of the north Strip and amazing food, the girls and partygoers alike definitely enjoyed themselves. The evening culminated in a rock set of songs including “Mississippi Queen,” “Frankenstein,” and “I Love Rock n’ Roll,” with plenty of shredding solos from all three girls that had the crowd making requests and begging for encores. It’s no surprise that a venue as fashionable and…well…cosmopolitan as Scarpetta was such a good match for these girls!

Verizon Gets Connected with Electric Strings

Execs and VIPs of Verizon were partying to the music of Phat Strad in a San Diego hotel this April! The event started off with a few downtempo serenades as guests arrived, but the string girls soon had the crowd singing along to rock n’ roll classics like “Heartbreaker” and “Dream On.” And, as usual, the girls’ solos had attendees stopping dead in their tracks! There’s definitely no better way to get amped up for a big awards meeting, and if the number of high fives and handshakes after the set were anything to go by, we wouldn’t be surprised if Verizon kicked off more events like this in the future. Can you hear us now?

Creative Arts Emmys 2012: Red Hot Electric Strings on the Red Carpet

Phat Strad packed their red ball gowns and red lipsticks and traveled to Hollywood for a night as ’40s inspired glamour girls at the 2012 Creative Arts Emmys Governor’s Ball! The theme, “Romantic Rhapsody in Red,” was very fitting for both the event – a glitzy affair of red silk and shining “stars” adorning the walls – and the electric quartet, who entertained the crowd of TV superstars and their families with musical rhapsodies from atop a spinning central platform. The Phat Strad string girls alternated sets and also did a few collaborative songs with celebrated LA party band Splash. This was definitely a night to remember!

From Corporate Parties to Bridal Parties: Phat Strad Plays Wedding in San Diego

Phat Strad acted both as musicians and “bridesmaids” at a beautiful August wedding in San Diego, CA. Playing as both an acoustic and an electric string quartet, the girls started off the ceremony with several classical pieces – and a classical rendition of Queen’s “Somebody to Love.” Following the wedding itself, the versatile group played a dinner set of ambient pop songs and operatic ballads, then rocked out alongside a great funk band to keep the party going until the end of the night!

Rock-Away Beach: Electric Rock Quartet in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Isn’t it great when work unexpectedly brings you a vacation? This past June, eight rockin’ girls comprising the Phat Strad double string quartet got their electric instruments through customs to play in beautiful Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The gig included playing several events for executive personnel of Canada’s Keg Steakhouse & Bar, in resort locations and on a carefully constructed stage in the middle of the mountains. And, much to everyone’s delight, there was enough time before the shows to sit by the beach and spend some pesos on fantastic seafood. ¬°Muy bueno!

High Fashion String Quartet Plays Neiman Marcus Grand Opening Gala

Who could be better for opening a new fashion mecca than a band that combines a classic art form with modern elements and some serious style? Phat Strad, Las Vegas’s original electric string quartet, flew west in March for the grand opening of a new Neiman Marcus store in Walnut Creek, CA. Partygoers ascended the store’s escalator to find the Phat Strad ladies stationed among racks of Gucci, Chanel, and Prada, playing everything from remixed classical pieces to anthemic classic rock. It was definitely a night to remember – and judging by the crowd that surrounded the girls throughout the night, a whole lot of people will be remembering it!

Triple Electric String Quartet Plays for eBay in California

Phat Strad tripled the fun at the San Jose Fairmont Hotel in March with a triple quartet performance! The small orchestra of girls serenaded hundreds of attendees at an eBay Women’s Group weekend workshop dedicated to empowering women in business. The wireless mobility of their electric instruments enabled Phat Strad to perform in all corners of the ballroom during dinner, and the evening concluded with everyone on stage for a grand finale set of classic rock anthems. Girl power!

Ice Ice Baby! Phat Strad opens for Vanilla Ice at Club LAX

Phat Strad played to a packed house at the LAX nightclub in the Luxor, opening for rapper Vanilla Ice! The girls played a few of their most rockin’ songs, including Chicago’s “25 or 6 to 4,” Pat Benatar’s “Heartbreaker,” and Kansas’s “Carry On Wayward Son.” The crowd was enthusiastic about the electric string instruments and mesmerized by the virtuosic solos – made infinitely cooler by wah pedals and distortion, of course! Dare we say the quartet held the crowd’s attention just as much, if not more, than Mr. Ice himself?

Phat Strad Electrifies Phoenix Suns Charities Benefit

The original Las Vegas Electric String Quartet traveled to Phoenix in April 2012 to play a benefit event for the Phoenix Suns Charities. The girls serenaded an enthusiastic crowd in the U.S. Airways Arena, redecorated as a Vegas quality lounge. Attendees included basketball aficionados, sponsors, and players alike, and the ladies of Phat Strad even got to hang out behind the scenes with the Suns cheerleaders! The party was rockin’, the audience loved the music, and the event raised a ton of money for charity. We consider that a slam dunk!

Phat Strad plays for Hublot and Legendary Boxing Champions

Phat Strad Electric String Quartet played at the Bellagio in Las Vegas September 29 for an evening of luxury fashion and powerful fighters! The event, a benefit for the World Boxing Council Charities, included an auction of 12 unique Hublot watches. The boxing legends themselves – including George Foreman, Cesar Chavez, Mike Tyson, and Sugar Ray Leonard – were summoned to the stage accompanied by the music of Phat Strad! Pictured: The beautiful rock quartet meets George Foreman.