Electric Strings in Scottsdale – Rockin’ in Red

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Phat Strad plays a lot of events in neighboring state Arizona, but it would be hard to top the rave reviews and accolades the girls received in Scottsdale at the National Endoscopy Awards Dinner! Dressed in red to match the event’s decor, the lovely ladies were full-on rock stars all night long, bringing down the house with showstopping solos and engaging guests from every corner of the giant stage. The audience members couldn’t get enough of the girls – in fact, as the award winners left the stage, getting photos with Phat Strad often seemed more important to them than getting photos with their awards! A great time was had by all, and we’re certainly proud that we could make such a special night even more special for everyone at the party!

Phat Strad Electrifies Phoenix Suns Charities Benefit

The original Las Vegas Electric String Quartet traveled to Phoenix in April 2012 to play a benefit event for the Phoenix Suns Charities. The girls serenaded an enthusiastic crowd in the U.S. Airways Arena, redecorated as a Vegas quality lounge. Attendees included basketball aficionados, sponsors, and players alike, and the ladies of Phat Strad even got to hang out behind the scenes with the Suns cheerleaders! The party was rockin’, the audience loved the music, and the event raised a ton of money for charity. We consider that a slam dunk!