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Phat Strad Couture Album Cover

CLASSIC ROCK COUTURE delivers powerful rock anthems. Songs from Aerosmith, Pat Benatar, Kansas, Yes and more, served “Phat Strad Style.” Listen in MUSIC, order in STORE


SIGNIFICANT OTHERS is Easy Listening, Adult Contemporary, and Classical Crossover recorded live and on the cheap. Bocelli, Coldplay, The Killers, The Beatles. In STORE limited time only.

Listen to samples in MUSIC and purchase in our STORE.

The ORIGINAL Plays Live!

Phat Strad is the ORIGINAL All Girl Rock Electric String Quartet in the USA. Phat Strad Electric String Quartet is a band with over four hours of music in their repertoire, in a variety of popular styles. Phat Strad’s forte is Rock and Roll, complete with distortion and wah wah pedals, but their show offers so much more: a wide range of musical possibilities including classical, standards, ambient electronica, Latin, pop, adult contemporary, classical crossover, classic rock, dance, party anthems, etc. Phat Strad can play with a band or accompanied by rhythm section tracks, and they are wireless, enabling them to perform in multiple locations. Phat Strad is very self-contained, traveling with their own engineer and wireless systems, saving buyers thousands of dollars. Phat Strad is a recording artist with 5 CDs out. Phat Strad honors the 400 year old art form that is the String Quartet, with a rockin’ twist, and these girls play LIVE with excellent technique, power, and beauty.

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