High Fashion String Quartet Plays Neiman Marcus Grand Opening Gala

Who could be better for opening a new fashion mecca than a band that combines a classic art form with modern elements and some serious style? Phat Strad, Las Vegas’s original electric string quartet, flew west in March for the grand opening of a new Neiman Marcus store in Walnut Creek, CA. Partygoers ascended the store’s escalator to find the Phat Strad ladies stationed among racks of Gucci, Chanel, and Prada, playing everything from remixed classical pieces to anthemic classic rock. It was definitely a night to remember – and judging by the crowd that surrounded the girls throughout the night, a whole lot of people will be remembering it!

Brava, Brava! Phat Strad Quartet Rocks “la Casa” in Rome, Italy

Phat Strad packed their pedalboards – and their passports – in August and headed to the airport for a trip to Rome, Italy! As the electric quartet in residence for a week of corporate events at the Rome Cavalieri Waldorf Astoria Hotel, the belle ragazze (beautiful girls) were warmly welcomed by locals and partygoers alike, playing dinner shows, stage shows, and even fun dance parties. The girls also had just enough time off to squeeze in visits to historic places likeĀ ilĀ Colosseo, il Vaticano, and la Fontana di Trevi! A great time – and of course lots of great pasta and cheese – was had by all.

Triple Electric String Quartet Plays for eBay in California

Phat Strad tripled the fun at the San Jose Fairmont Hotel in March with a triple quartet performance! The small orchestra of girls serenaded hundreds of attendees at an eBay Women’s Group weekend workshop dedicated to empowering women in business. The wireless mobility of their electric instruments enabled Phat Strad to perform in all corners of the ballroom during dinner, and the evening concluded with everyone on stage for a grand finale set of classic rock anthems. Girl power!