Twice as Nice – Double Electric String Quartet in Vancouver


On most occasions, a single electric string quartet is the perfect size entertainment for any party, convention, or corporate event. However, when your company requires a soundtrack on a larger scale, we can help you out with that too! Canadian restauranteur Keg throws some amazing parties, and this particular event was no exception. Employees flew to Vancouver, British Columbia, and then took a winding bus ride through the mountains to a luxury ski lodge in Whistler. With beautiful weather and amazing scenery, the Canadian town provided the perfect backdrop for the main event: a huge gala banquet set up in the middle of a verdant field. In order to seat all the guests, the table was several hundred feet long – but with a setup that large, how do you ensure everyone gets an equal view of the entertainment? Luckily, the Phat Strad Double Quartet was there to save the day! The girls were set up on multiple stages, which were spaced equally across the venue to ensure that the guests had a truly equal sound and visual experience. The girls rocked the party both as individual groups and as a whole Phat Strad orchestra, providing the party with a sound unparalleled by any other electric string group!

Rock-Away Beach: Electric Rock Quartet in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Isn’t it great when work unexpectedly brings you a vacation? This past June, eight rockin’ girls comprising the Phat Strad double string quartet got their electric instruments through customs to play in beautiful Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The gig included playing several events for executive personnel of Canada’s Keg Steakhouse & Bar, in resort locations and on a carefully constructed stage in the middle of the mountains. And, much to everyone’s delight, there was enough time before the shows to sit by the beach and spend some pesos on fantastic seafood. ¡Muy bueno!

Brava, Brava! Phat Strad Quartet Rocks “la Casa” in Rome, Italy

Phat Strad packed their pedalboards – and their passports – in August and headed to the airport for a trip to Rome, Italy! As the electric quartet in residence for a week of corporate events at the Rome Cavalieri Waldorf Astoria Hotel, the belle ragazze (beautiful girls) were warmly welcomed by locals and partygoers alike, playing dinner shows, stage shows, and even fun dance parties. The girls also had just enough time off to squeeze in visits to historic places like il Colosseo, il Vaticano, and la Fontana di Trevi! A great time – and of course lots of great pasta and cheese – was had by all.