Classic Rock on the Roof at Ghostbar

phat strad ghostbar 1phat strad ghostbar 2The ladies of Phat Strad brought their music to the next level – literally – for a show at Ghostbar! The venue, recently renovated into one of the hottest clubs in Vegas and located on the 55th floor of the Palms casino, had an incredible view of the Strip that only got better after dark. Partygoers listened to Phat Strad’s sets in the club itself and on the outdoor patio – the perfect sophisticated soundtrack for the chic dinner event!

Rock n’ Roll Strings are “Perfection” at Lexus Cash Bash Event

IMG_8078 2IMG_8075Lexus may be known for their “pursuit of perfection,” but the perfect soundtrack? That came from Phat Strad during Lexus’s Cash Bash event at the Aria! The lovely ladies of Vegas’s favorite string group took their virtuosity to the stage for operatic ballads and strolled throughout the audience to deliver energetic pop songs. The closing set, of course, was a showcase of classic rock anthems and iconic solos delivered in signature 5-string style! It certainly was a night to remember, and regardless of what attendees went home with the most cash, everyone who heard this performance was a winner!

Beauty & Music for Wella Professionals at Bellagio







You know you’re playing to a good crowd when you look out into the audience and every single person has hair straight out of a fashion magazine! Such was the case at Hyde Nightclub in the Bellagio, where Phat Strad played an evening show for Wella Professionals hairstylists. Of course, the Las Vegas weather was beautiful, and the open air club provided a great view of the strip and the half-hourly show of the Bellagio Fountain. Amid the guests’ conversations about beauty and style, the ladies of Phat Strad filled the room with ambient beats and fun improvisations for the duration of the party….and of course got lots of compliments on their hair!

Las Vegas String Quartet, Cosmopolitan Style

The girls of Phat Strad played in a ‘room with a view’ for a show at the Cosmopolitan in June! The girls – playing as an electric string trio – moved from room to room in Scarpetta, one of the Cosmopolitan’s high fashion restaurants, serenading guests at a private party. With a fantastic view of the north Strip and amazing food, the girls and partygoers alike definitely enjoyed themselves. The evening culminated in a rock set of songs including “Mississippi Queen,” “Frankenstein,” and “I Love Rock n’ Roll,” with plenty of shredding solos from all three girls that had the crowd making requests and begging for encores. It’s no surprise that a venue as fashionable and…well…cosmopolitan as Scarpetta was such a good match for these girls!

Six-Girl Phat Strad Brings the Rock to Moroccan Party

It was a dark and windy night in April when Phat Strad took the stage at the M Resort Las Vegas for a Moroccan-themed party, but nonetheless the girls livened up the night with fiery solos and some good old-fashioned rock and roll! Playing to a crowd of hundreds gathered around the M Resort’s outdoor pool area, the electric strings grabbed the crowd’s attention, even those hanging around the farthest tents and torches. Playing as a sextet and accompanied by percussionists, Phat Strad’s major stage presence turned a cold dark night into a party where everyone was singing along. Peace, love, and Moroccan-roll!

Verizon Gets Connected with Electric Strings

Execs and VIPs of Verizon were partying to the music of Phat Strad in a San Diego hotel this April! The event started off with a few downtempo serenades as guests arrived, but the string girls soon had the crowd singing along to rock n’ roll classics like “Heartbreaker” and “Dream On.” And, as usual, the girls’ solos had attendees stopping dead in their tracks! There’s definitely no better way to get amped up for a big awards meeting, and if the number of high fives and handshakes after the set were anything to go by, we wouldn’t be surprised if Verizon kicked off more events like this in the future. Can you hear us now?

Creative Arts Emmys 2012: Red Hot Electric Strings on the Red Carpet

Phat Strad packed their red ball gowns and red lipsticks and traveled to Hollywood for a night as ’40s inspired glamour girls at the 2012 Creative Arts Emmys Governor’s Ball! The theme, “Romantic Rhapsody in Red,” was very fitting for both the event – a glitzy affair of red silk and shining “stars” adorning the walls – and the electric quartet, who entertained the crowd of TV superstars and their families with musical rhapsodies from atop a spinning central platform. The Phat Strad string girls alternated sets and also did a few collaborative songs with celebrated LA party band Splash. This was definitely a night to remember!

American Military Veterans Serenaded by Phat Strad Strings

Phat Strad was one of the highlights of the night at a recent benefit for Wounded Warriors at the Cosmopolitan. The girls not only played cocktail and dinner sets, but also provided musical support for a paralyzed veteran who used the innovative “Ekso Skeleton” system to walk by himself for the first time. It was a very touching and informative evening for all, and Phat Strad was very proud to help honor those who have made great sacrifices for the sake of our country.

From Corporate Parties to Bridal Parties: Phat Strad Plays Wedding in San Diego

Phat Strad acted both as musicians and “bridesmaids” at a beautiful August wedding in San Diego, CA. Playing as both an acoustic and an electric string quartet, the girls started off the ceremony with several classical pieces – and a classical rendition of Queen’s “Somebody to Love.” Following the wedding itself, the versatile group played a dinner set of ambient pop songs and operatic ballads, then rocked out alongside a great funk band to keep the party going until the end of the night!

Rock-Away Beach: Electric Rock Quartet in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Isn’t it great when work unexpectedly brings you a vacation? This past June, eight rockin’ girls comprising the Phat Strad double string quartet got their electric instruments through customs to play in beautiful Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The gig included playing several events for executive personnel of Canada’s Keg Steakhouse & Bar, in resort locations and on a carefully constructed stage in the middle of the mountains. And, much to everyone’s delight, there was enough time before the shows to sit by the beach and spend some pesos on fantastic seafood. ¬°Muy bueno!